Unleash the full profit potential of draft beer

There are a number of hidden costs when small and
medium-sized outlets sell draft beer. With FlexiDraft™ these costs are eliminated. This allows breweries to sell more draft beer profitably – even to outlets with small turnovers. 

Business Cases

FlexiDraft™ is the ideal draft beer system for small and medium-sized outlets. It is easy to use. There are no hidden costs for cleaning and servicing. Maintenance costs are low and there is no beer waste. A broached keg can keep up to 30 days. The energy consumption is only half that of a conventional dispense system.

It sounds almost too good to be true. Here you can learn how FlexiDraft™ can help you unleash the full business potential of selling draft beer in your market.

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FlexiDraft™ is a system using a one-way beer line which eliminates two problems common to conventional draft beer systems: hygiene issues and the hidden costs of cleaning and maintenance.

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